Terms and conditions

The ALTERMUNDI on-line store was set up and is managed by the ALTERMUNDI company. Any order of a product listed in the on-line store that is part of the www.altermundi.com web site implies prior reading of these terms and conditions. The consumer therefore acknowledges being fully aware that his agreement to the content of these terms and conditions requires no handwritten signature of this document, as the client chose to purchase the products laid out in the on-line web store.

The consumer may save or print out these terms and conditions, it being stipulated that both the saving and the printing of this document are his sole responsibility. The consumer declares, prior to his order, that the purchase of these products bears no direct relationship with his professional activity, and that they are for his own personal use only. As a consumer, the client therefore has certain specific rights that would be forfeited if the products or services purchased through the web site actually were related to his professional activity.

The online store set up by the ALTERMUNDI company on their website mentions the following information:

1. a legal notice allowing for a precise identification of the ALTERMUNDI company;
2. an exposition of the essential characteristics of the goods being offered;
3. the price in Euros of the goods, as well as the shipping costs;
4. an indication as to the payment, delivery or fulfillment conditions;
5. the existence of the right of withdrawal, and the period for which the offer or the price remains valid;
6. the conditions under which the contract may be rescinded.

All this information is presented in French. The consumer declares that he has full legal capacity to commit to these terms and conditions.

 1. Aim

The aim of these terms and conditions is, firstly, to inform any potential consumer as to the conditions and means by which the seller is conducting the sale and delivery of the products ordered, and secondly, to define the rights and obligations of each party involved in the sale of products by the seller to the consumer. These terms apply, without restriction nor reservation, to all sales made by ALTERMUNDI of any product made available on their web site.
Any sale of items bearing a brand name belonging to the ALTERMUNDI company through the Site shall be subject to these terms and conditions, which the customer expressly accepts. These conditions are liable to be changed and updated. The conditions applicable to the order of an item by a customer shall be those in effect on the day the order is placed.

The products are available for purchase within the following geographical area: Mainland France and Corsica, within the limits imposed by our delivery services.

 2. Identity of the company

Address: 102C, rue Amelot
Postal code: 75011

SIREN 440 222 842
Intra-community VAT number: FR 55 440 222 842
NAF code: 4649Z

 3. Accessing the site

The Buyer shall be personally responsible for setting up computing and telecommunication means enabling him to gain access to the Site of the ALTERMUNDI company.

The Buyer shall bear any telecommunication costs involved in accessing Internet and using the site.

 4. Commercial policy

The ALTERMUNDI Company offers the products for sale on www.altermundi.com and conducts its own electronic business aimed solely at end users, who are consumers.

By “Consumer”, we mean any natural person acting for a purpose unrelated to any business or professional activity that he may partake in. If you are not a “Consumer”, please refrain from conducting business transactions on www.altermundi.com

Considering the commercial policy described above, the ALTERMUNDI company reserves the right to not fulfill orders coming from subjects other than a “Consumer” or orders that do not comply with its commercial policy.

These Terms and Conditions only govern the offer, transfer and acceptance of purchase orders of products made on www.altermundi.com by users of www.altermundi.com.

 5.  Contract documents

 The present contract is made up of the following contractual documents, listed in descending order of importance:
1. the present terms and conditions;
2. the purchase order.
If any contradiction should come to light between provisions contained in documents of differing hierarchical ranks, the provision from the document of higher rank shall be applicable.

 6.  Entry into force – duration

 The present terms and conditions shall enter into force on the date on which the purchase order is signed. The present terms and conditions shall be applicable for the time required for the goods and services ordered to be supplied, and till the expiry of the guarantees owed by the ALTERMUNDI company.

 7.  Electronic signature

 The consumer's “double click” on the order form constitutes an electronic signature that holds the same binding value between the parties as a handwritten signature.

 8.  Order confirmation

 All contractual information shall be summarized in a confirmation sent by email by the time of delivery at the latest, or failing that, by mail to the postal address given by the consumer with his purchase order.

 9.  Proof of transaction

 The computer logs, which are kept within ALTERMUNDI's computer systems to reasonable security standards, shall constitute proof of the communications, orders and payments that took place between the parties. The purchase orders and invoices are archived on reliable and durable storage equipment and can be produced as proof.

 10. Information about the products

In accordance with article L. 111-1 of the consumer code, the Buyer can find out on ALTERMUNDI's Site, before placing an order, the essential characteristics of the products that he would like to purchase.

The Buyer can choose one or several products from the different categories displayed on ALTERMUNDI's web site.

The offers presented by the ALTERMUNDI company are valid only within the limit of available stocks.

Product photos are not contractual, there may be presentation changes to the items and/or the packaging.

 11. Prices

The prices are given in euros and are valid only on the date of dispatch of the purchase order by the consumer. They do not include shipping fees, which are billed in addition and displayed before order confirmation. The prices include the V.A.T. in effect on the day of the order and any change in the applicable V.A.T rate will automatically be reflected in the prices of the products shown in the on-line store. The price must be paid in full upon placing the order. The sums paid can never be considered to be deposits or part payments.

 12. Payment method

To pay for his order, the consumer can choose between any of the payment methods indicated on the order form. The consumer certifies to ALTERMUNDI that he has any authorizations that may be necessary for using the payment method that he chose upon confirming the purchase order. The ALTERMUNDI company reserves the right to suspend all order processing or delivery should the officially accredited organizations refuse to authorize the credit card payment, or in the absence of payment. The ALTERMUNDI company specifically reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery or fulfill an order from a consumer who failed in part or in full to pay a previous order, or with whom a settlement dispute is pending. The ALTERMUNDI company has implemented an order verification procedure seeking to ensure that no person may use the banking details of another person unbeknownst to him. As part of this procedure, the client will be asked to send proof of identity and residency by fax to ALTERMUNDI. The order shall not be confirmed till these documents have been received and checked.

Credit card payment

Card payments are accepted using Visa, Eurocard, or Mastercard. - The Société Général bank secures the payment using their Sogenactif payment processing system. Credit card payments are perfectly safe. The customer's card number and its expiry date are immediately encrypted before being sent to ALTERMUNDI's servers over SSL. Since this information is unreadable, no one can make use of it. To further enhance security, this information is not stored on our server. Therefore, the client must type in these details with every order. Your card is debited when the order is shipped.

PayPal payment

Payments can also be made to a PayPal account. 


13. Product availability

The order will be fulfilled within 3 days at the latest, starting from the day after the consumer placed his order. If the product ordered should become unavailable, due for instance to our suppliers, the consumer will be informed as quickly as possible and will be able to cancel his order. In such a case, the consumer will be able to request either that the amount paid be refunded within 30 days from payment at the latest, or that the product be exchanged.

 14. Delivery terms

The products are delivered to the address given by the consumer on the purchase order and only within mainland France. The consumer is held responsible for checking the state of the product packaging upon delivery and notifying any damage caused by the carrier on the delivery slip, as well as informing ALTERMUNDI within one week. The consumer can, upon request, have an invoice sent to his billing address rather than to the shipping address by checking the corresponding option on the purchase order. For delivery, we mainly operate though Colissimo Suivi. As soon as we ship an order, you will immediately receive an email to let you know.

To keep shipping costs to a minimum, all small or medium sized packages are sent by La Poste's Colissimo Suivi service. Not only is this service economical, it also delivers to anywhere in France within 48h and gives you the option to pick up your order from the post office nearest to your delivery address if ever you are away when the mail arrives. In practice, if you are not there on the day of delivery, the mailman will leave a slip in your mailbox that you can use to retrieve the package from the nearest post office during its opening hours, for up to 15 days after delivery. Colissimo Suivi is a very reliable service. However, it's possible, as with any delivery, for a package to be delivered late or to get lost. If the delivery is late compared to the date we specified on the shipping email, please let us know by giving us a phone call or sending us an email. We will then contact La Poste to open an inquiry. An inquiry at La Poste can take up to 21 days starting from the day it was opened. If during this time, the product is found, it will immediately be sent to your address (as is the case most of the time). If on the other hand the product is not found during the 21-day inquiry, La Poste will consider the package lost. Only then will we be able to send you a replacement package, at our expense. If the products that you ordered are no longer available at that point, we will refund you the price of the products that were lost in transit. If the products are still available but the prices displayed on the site have changed, we will apply the new prices, either by refunding you the difference by cheque, or by requesting an additional cheque to make up for the price increase. We shall not be responsible for any lengthening of delivery dates that are caused by the carrier, in particular those due to product loss or a strike.


We only go through a private carrier for heavy or bulky deliveries. Just as the with the mail service, the carrier will leave a slip in your mailbox if you are not at home, specifying a phone number that you can call to agree on a time when he can come back to deliver the package, or to find out which nearby agency you can go to in order to retrieve the package yourself at your convenience. If you haven't received anything within 72h of our shipping confirmation email, please let us know. We will contact the carrier directly so that they can declare the package lost as quickly as possible (there's no minimum waiting period), and we will then be able to send a replacement package.

 15.  Delivery problems due to the carrier

 Any abnormality related to the delivery (damage, products on the delivery note missing from the package, damaged package, broken products...) must without fail be mentioned on the delivery note as “hand-written reservations”, along with the customer's signature. The consumer should then confirm this abnormality by writing to the carrier within two (2) working days of the delivery, by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, to explain said complaint. The consumer should send a copy of this letter by mail or by fax to:

Service client
102C, rue Amelot
75011 PARIS
Tél. : 01 55 28 97 13


16.  Delivery errors

 16-a: Any complaint the consumer may have concerning delivery errors or discrepancies in nature or in quality between the products received and those specified on the purchase order must be filed with ALTERMUNDI on the day of delivery or the next business day at the latest. Any complaint filed after that date will be rejected.
16-b: Such complains can be filed with ALTERMUNDI: - preferably by phoning 01 55 28 97 13, Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM, - by submitting your question through the contact form on our website, along with your personal information and the reference number of your order.
16-c: Any complaint not submitted according to the rules laid out above and within the given time frame will not be accepted and ALTERMUNDI will disclaim any liability towards the consumer.
16-d: Upon receiving the complaint, ALTERMUNDI will attribute an exchange number for the products concerned and will send it to the consumer by email, by fax or by phone. A product exchange can only be made after the consumer has received an exchange number according to the procedure explained above.
16-e : In case of delivery error or exchange, any product to be exchanged or refunded must be returned to ALTERMUNDI in full and in its original packaging, using Colissimo Recommandé (registered mail), to the following address:


Service retour
102C, rue Amelot
75011 PARIS
Tel : 01 55 28 97 13

ALTERMUNDI's customer service department must be notified prior to any return or it will not be accepted.
ALTERMUNDI will bear the shipping costs for the replacement product, unless the returned product does not match the original declaration made by the consumer on the return note.

 17. Product warranty

In compliance with Article 4 of decree 78-464 of March 24th 1978, the provisions hereof cannot deprive the consumer of the legal guarantee which obliges the professional seller to guarantee against any consequences resulting from latent defects in the item sold. The consumer is hereby expressly informed that ALTERMUNDI is not the manufacturer of the products displayed on their web site, in terms of law 98-389 of May 19th 1998 and with regard to liability for defective products. Therefore, in the event of damage caused to a person or an item through a defect in the product, only the manufacturer's liability can be called upon by the buyer, based on the information displayed on the packaging of said product. The terms and duration of the manufacturer's warranty are specified in the product sheets. Given the frequency of renewal of the components of technical products, ALTERMUNDI may, upon request, inform the consumer as to the availability of spare parts of products offered and how to possibly get them.


18. Right of withdrawal

The consumer has 10 business days to return, at his own cost, any product that he is not satisfied with. This period is counted as beginning the day of delivery of the order to the consumer. If this expiry date falls on a Saturday, a Sunday, a bank holiday or other non working day, then it will be extended to the following business day. Prior to any return, the ALTERMUNDI customer service department must be notified: - preferably by phoning 01 55 28 97 13, Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM, - by submitting your question through the contact form on our website, along with your personal information and the reference number of your order.
. The product should be returned using Colissimo Recommandé (registered mail) to:

Service Client,
102C, rue Amelot
Tel : 01 55 28 97 13      

. Products such as discs or CDs must not have been opened for the consumer to be able to use his right of withdrawal.
Returns will only be accepted if the products are sent back in full, with the original packaging intact and complete, and fit to be resold. Any damaged product, or any product whereof the original packaging has been altered, will be neither refunded nor exchanged.
This right of withdrawal can be exercised without the consumer incurring any additional costs, except for return postage fees If a consumer chooses to exercise this right, he may request a refund for the amount paid, or ask for the product to be exchanged. If an exchange is chosen, replacement products will be shipped at the consumer's expense.
In the event that the consumer should exercise his right of withdrawal, the ALTERMUNDI company will make every effort to refund the consumer within 15 days.
The consumer will then be refunded by re-crediting his bank account (through a secure transaction) if the payment was made by credit card, or by cheque in other cases.


19. Force majeure

Neither party will have failed in its contractual obligations, insofar as their execution is delayed, hindered or prevented by a fortuitous or force majeure event. Fortuitous or force majeure events will be regarded as being events which are external to both parties, unforeseeable, unavoidable, beyond the control of the parties and that could not have been prevented by them, despite all efforts reasonably possible. The party affected by such circumstances shall notify the other party within ten business days following the date on which it is made aware of them. Both parties will then meet within one month, unless the fortuitous event prevents them from doing so, in order to examine the consequences of the incident and to agree on the conditions under which the execution of the contract terms will be continued. If the force majeure lasts over a period of more than three months, these terms and conditions may be terminated by the aggrieved party. Are expressly considered as force majeure or fortuitous events, in addition to those usually retained by the decisions of French courts and tribunals: blocking of means of transportation or supply, earthquakes, fires, lightning; interruption of telecommunication networks or difficulties specific to telecommunication networks beyond the control of the customer.

 20. Partial non-validity

If one or several stipulations of these terms are held invalid or declared as such in application of a law or a regulation or following the final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations will remain in full force and scope.

 21. No waiver

The failure of one party to pursue any breach of any of the provisions of the present terms and conditions by the other party shall not be construed as a waiver of said provisions in the future.

 22. Applicable law

 The present terms and conditions are subject to French law. This will apply whether in regard to fundamental rules or to rules pertaining to form. In the event of a dispute or a claim, the consumer will apply first and foremost to ALTERMUNDI to reach an amicable settlement. Then, if the dispute cannot be settled out of court, the consumer can lodge a complaint through the dedicated complaint form.
Any litigation relating to the business relationship existing between the buyer and the seller will be subjected to the exclusive competence of the French jurisdictions and will fall under the exclusive authority of the commercial court of Paris - France.

 23. Data protection

The information required of the consumer is necessary for processing his order and may be shared with business partners of the ALTERMUNDI company who play a part in processing the order. The consumer may write to the ALTERMUNDI company using the contact information provided in the privacy policy displayed on their web site, if he would like to object to his information being transfered to third parties, or in order to exercise his right of access and modification any information concerning him that is stored in ALTERMUNDI's files, under the terms set out in the law of January 6th 1978.

 24. Legal notice


Graphical design: Altermundi
Development and hosting: ACE Informatique
Headquarters: 32, rue d'Armaillé - 75017 Paris

Intellectual property

The www.altermundi.com website is protected by the provisions of the Code of intellectual property, and specifically by the provisions therein pertaining to literary and artistic property, to copyrights and to the protection of databases. These rights are the exclusive property of the associations belonging to Groupe SOS. Under the terms of article L. 122 - 5 of the intellectual property code, only copies or reproductions strictly reserved for the private use of the copyist and not for collective use, or analyses and short quotations used as examples or illustrations are authorized.
Likewise, article L.342-3 of the intellectual property code allows only for extraction or reuse of insubstantial parts of the contents of a database made publicly available by its owner. Therefore, any unauthorized representation or reproduction of the Altermundi web sites, through any means whatsoever, is strictly prohibited and may lead to legal proceedings.
Offenders may be prosecuted under civil and criminal law and may incur the penalties specified in clauses L.335-2 and L.343-1 of the Intellectual Property Code. Hyperlinks: Though we take great care in choosing the links that we provide to other web sites, Altermundi shall not be held liable for any content displayed on such sites. Right to access and amend data
In accordance with the provisions of article 27 of law 78-17 of January 6th 1978 relating to civil liberties and the electronic storage and retrieval of information, users shall have access to their personal data in order to edit, amend or delete it. They may at any time object to the data which they provided being distributed, without incurring any cost nor requiring any justification. To exercise that right, they can write to webmestre@groupe-sos.org or contact us by mail at the following address: Altermundi - 102c rue Amelot - 75011 Paris 

Altermundi is a trademark registered with the I.N.P.I., and as such, is protected by law.

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