Our values

Our values

Altermundi, acteur du commerce responsable

A major player for Fair Trade

For 13 years, Altermundi and its teams have been defending a world trade that is ethical, humane and respectful of the planet. We now refer 60 suppliers with high environmental and social requirements. Altermundi carries different values, realistically set to allow you to consume otherwise!
Commerce equitable, Altermundi

From fair trade ...

Fair trade is another way of dealing with small producers in the South: fair salary, order pre-financing and long-term partnerships, to enable these small-scale artisans to improve their living conditions in a sustainable way. Since 2006, we are members of the Fair Trade Platform (PFCE), an association that federates fair trade players France.

Commerce responsable, Altermundi

... to responsible trade

Originally specialized in fair trade, Altermundi's has evolved towards a more global approach to responsible trade. We provide articles designed by French and European designers, in a way that is respectful of man and the planet. Subscribe to Altermundi news to receive all our promotional offers and learn more about the Altermundi ecosystem.

Transparency and product information

The products that we refer answer to strict human rights and environmental standards. The pictograms on each product sheet allow you to see at a glance what criteria the article meets.
  • Organic cotton, Altermundi

    Organic cotton  The garment or accessory is made with certified cotton grown without chemical pesticide

  • Mode ethique, Altermundi

    Ethical fashion Your article respects mankind and the environment throughout the chain of production.

  • Matériaux Renouvelables, Altermundi

    Renewable materials The main material used for this product is rapidly renewed. This is the case, for example, with bamboo.

  • Made in France, Altermundi

    Made in France Those products are made in a French based factory or workshop.

  • Fabrication Européenne, Altermundi

    European Manufacturing This article is made in a factory or workshop located in Europe.

  • Artisanat, Altermundi

    Crafts This article is handcrafted using traditional craft technique.

  • Commerce équitable, Altermundi Fair Trade

    Fair trade The small producer who made this article received fair salary, often pre-financed. The contract with his supplier allows him to improve his living conditions.

  • Fabrication Solidaire, Altermundi

    Production solidarity This article is manufactured by an adapted company or an employment company. The production of this article encourages the hiring of people that are far from employment or handicapped.

  • Produit Partage, Altermundi

    Product Share The purchase of this product involves a social or environmental solidarity action. For example, for each pair of purchased shoes, a child in need receives a pair of shoes.

  • Upcycling, Altermundi

    Upcycling This product has been manufactured from a material considered as waste. The raw material has been upgraded and its quality improved.

  • Recyclable, Altermundi

    Recyclable  Once used for a given period of time, the product can be recycled using suitable reprocessing networks.

  • Zerowaste, Altermundi

    Zero Waste Organic cotton bags, lunchboxs, jackets made from recycled bottles. Adopt a zero waste lifestyle !

Where are Altermundi products manufactured?

Provenance des produits Altermundi

Insertion par l'activite economique, Altermundi

Employment through economic activity

The Altermundi shop in Paris has been an incorporation company since its creation. A part of our employees follow a professionalizing career path. Since 2003, we have supported 21 people towards access to a permanent job. In addition to vocational training, employees receive additional personalized training. They are followed by the SOS Group's Employment Platform.
Boutiques Altermundi eco concues

Eco-designed shops

In 2010, we put in place an eco-friendly layout charter for our shops. Marmolite flooring, eco-labelled paintings, ecological meditation furniture, low-energy lighting, plasterboard "impact” plating that emits less volatile organic compounds ... This innovative concept won us the “Janus du Commerce”, awarded by “L'Institut Français du Design” looking to “Humanize” commercial trade and the R Award for responsible sales outlet, awarded by the Club “Génération Responsable®”.
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